Toddler with Bubbles

The Tiny Tiger Pre-school Program is designed with the young child in mind. We offer a variety of schedules and age appropriate programs with the hope of meeting the individual needs of the families we serve. Being a Christian owned organization we see our service to you as our primary goal. Our intent, as always, is to be blessing to the community. Our goal is not to preach or teach Jesus Christ to the parents or the children, for that is the function of a church. But rather to be an example of Christ in our day in and day out living experience with them in a normal pre-school setting.

We provide the highest quality day care and pre-school education under the direction of a trained, caring, and loving staff. The activities and curriculum are chosen to help and stimulate both mind and body. We offer a cheerful and safe environment where children develop a sense of belonging, well being, and self worth. We continually strive toward providing the best opportunities for emotional, physical, and academic growth during these formative years.

The Tiny Tigers program is based on principles that foster balance among the cognitive, physical, emotional and social aspects of each child. It is our goal to help each child develop a strong and a balanced sense of his/her abilities, to recognize relationships with a sense of empathy and kindness. Each child is valued for their individuality and encouraged at his/her own pace.
At Tiny Tigers we acknowledge the tremendous significance of the early years of development on the long-term health, intelligence, and psychological aspects of all people. During these formative years it is our commitment to provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment for young children to learn and grow.

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